Ability to forge success

The Tata Nano is no ordinary car. It was a car that began its journey in 2009 as India's automotive icon, on the back of Ratan Tata's impossible promise of delivering a One Lakh Rupee Car to the world.

The Nano GenX takes a step in the right direction

The Nano is a very ambitious project at Tata Motors but in spite of the world’s most affordable car not picking up sales, the company hasn’t given up just yet.

The Nano has come a long way

Even after the launch in 2008, the Nano has been a work in progress for Tata Motors. Where it could have been tagged as a convenient city car, the Nano became rather infamous as the ‘cheapest car’ that few wanted to associate with.

The GenX Nano is a car that could be and should be revolution

When the Tata Nano first arrived, it brought with it an idea, a message - and we all got so caught up in that idea, that the car was then held up to very high standards. High standards for failure I should say, because no one wanted to give it a chance.

Provides the ease of driving an automatic car

Who doesn't admire a nice looking car! In this section, know how to maintain your car, how to prepare for your long drives, and tips to improve the performance of your car!

It's now even better at being an intra-city compact car

Tata’s strategy with the Nano is to give it a small update every year, rather than one big facelift after a few years, as you might see with most cars. While that may not do wonders for resale value, it’s a good way to keep the car interesting.

Richer, with newer features

What good is a micro city car if you can’t slip it in tight spaces and reverse it in an alley or make a quick U-turn to change directions? The Made-in-India Tata Nano was conceived to do all of that and more.

Compact automatic wonder

Ratan Tata’s dream project, Tata Nano was probably the most ambitious and indigenous project undertaken by Tata Motors.

The new Nano is now much more of a city car

History is replete with people’s cars that have changed the courses of nations with their promise of mass motorisation. Unfortunately, the Tata Nano’s proposition, it seems, was too simplistic and mistimed.