Yogendra Chaudhari from Thane writes his experience

  • Apr 13th 2011

I am thankful to Tata Motors & the Tata Nano team for many reasons. Firstly, for the many innovations that went into making the People’s Car, a reality.

This was the fir I suggest other automobile companies must learn from this and do the same. I am glad that I wast time that the booking of passenger cars was done online making it really convenient for the customer.s allotted the car much earlier than the others on the waiting list, thus making me an integral part of this revolutionary process. Nano is doing a great job by seeking feedback from its users & giving them a public space to voice their opinions on their website.




My mother – the proud owner of Nano

Nano is a car that no one can miss; it guarantees public attention on the roads, as people stop to have a closer look.


Now, about my experience with the Nano.

I am sure that every person in the Tata Nano Car team at TML has a unique story about making this dream a reality, so does every Nano car owner have one.



I got glued to the idea (The People's Car) of Mr.Ratan Tata since almost a year & a half when I heard about it from the media, a car for Rs one lac.



I used to keenly follow it, be it television, print media or the internet.

I have read hundreds of emails & links about the Tata Nano car.

I got the booking form from the SBI branch near my house in Thane but finally decided to pay upfront & not take any loan, because the amount I would spend on paying interest, I would rather spend it on buying accessories for the car. I bought original Tata Motors recommended accessories from the dealer.

I visited two showrooms in Thane to see the car before booking when it was displayed there for the first time.

I would recommend that the registration charges as per location should be put up on the website as well.

I bought a Summer Blue color Nano & like it quite a lot as it is not so common like the Red or White ones.

I also bought Autolock, got Anti Rust coating, Teflon Coating, Mud Pads & Floor mats, Bluetooth enabled Audio system with speakers, fancy Stickers on car sides, Nano Cap and Nano Watch.

I am impressed with the spirit of entrepreneurship demonstrated by Mr.Tata & the unprecedented opposition & hurdles he had to cross over to see this day.


Simply Amazing & Awe Inspiring!!!

It has made India proud & many others now envy its success.

To get the Tata Nano Car is the Best thing that happened to me & my family this year.


I strongly urge Tata Motors to boost the production capacity in the interest of the many aspirants are eagerly waiting to own this small wonder.



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