Vikram Thakur says Nano is much better than any small car!

  • Apr 13th 2011

I have been driving Tata Nano since last six months and climbed it on the heighest gradient at shimla i faced no problem regarding engine power in a hilly area of Shimla. i have driven it from my home town Joginder Nagar which is 220 km from Shimla in a very comfortable ride. Nano suspension works very well in a hilly area where roads are in bad shapes. At Kufri which is a hill station 15 km from Shimla and much height from Shimla i was surounded by tourists and taxi drivers to know how Nano is fairing in a hilly areas I cleared all their doubts. In a true words Nano is much better then any small car as I have 800, Accent , and Gypsy. Thank you Tata!






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