Trip to Shimla in my favourite car

  • Mar 6th 2012


It was the first week of February, when I started persuading some of my friends to go to Shimla. After we reached a consensus, we went home to pack our bags after office and I took out my cool 'NANO' to pick everyone up. Munchies for the trip, petrol, woolen cloth and all other neccessaries had been arranged for. All the way we were having fun, listening to music, talking, singing, stopping at Dhabas to sip tea. As we started approaching Shimla, excitement filled our hearts, a sense of achievement dawned upon our faces, everyone was smiling, and eyes were sparkling as we watched the glistening snow beside the road. It was a great drive, and I Loved every minute of it.

It was my first NANO journey with my friends – and the best time I’ve had in my favorite car- The Tata Nano.

- Naveen Modgil

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