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  • Apr 13th 2011


Here i m going to tell some unbelievable facts of Nano.

I was buy my Nano before 3Months, and my father decide to go to Rajasthan with Nano.
but i was afraid to drive Nano for 400KMs in Rajasthan tough road, and that days the temperature was also more than 45 degrees.

But after all, we finally decide to go Rajasthan with Nano, and we decide to drive slowly so heat problem will not occur.

Now time to begin journey.

We started our journey on 21-May-2010 at 11PM and we have to go for 400Kms.
First 2 hour I drive car at 60-70 km/hr and we reach at Palanpur (Gujarat) at 2:30AM.
We took a rest of 1/2 Hr at hotel and again start journey, and our next destination is Sirohi (Rajasthan).
From Palanpur to Sirohi distance is probably 150Kms. I started my Nano at 2:55 AM and you can't believe that, this time I drive my Nano at 100Km/Hr speed and I cut 150Kms in 1:30 hrs. So I was in Sirohi at 4:30 AM. So thrilling na...!!!!!!

And we reach at our final destination on 22nd May 2010 at 7AM.

Now I have to drive Nano on Rajasthan tough Road and against to rough driver of Rajasthan.
I thought that Nano might had 2-3 puncture on Rajasthan road, but I’m wrong no puncture in Nano's small Tyre.
I also drive my Nano with A.C and at 80KM/Hr speed and time is 1:00 PM, 45 degree temperature.

I have to attend cousin sister marriage at Sirohi, we reach that place with six passengers, but at return time, the passenger was 9.
And you can't believe I drive Nano with 9 passengers in Rajasthan for 35Kms on 80Kms speed. (All passenger were my family member), but yes there was a night when I drive nano with 9 person.

Next day we have to go at same place, and we gone with 8 person at Sirohi from my village (Mohbbat Nagar). In Sirohi one temple is there and we decide to go there.
But same problem more passenger, we adjust 9 in Nano again. and drive my Nano with AC and time is 1:30 PM 45 degree temp.

And yes when we reach at that temple, then one man was surprised that how 9 people adjust in Nano? Is there a magic space in Nano? and we all laugh, and I feel proud that I have Nano.

Now time to returning from Sirohi to Amhedabad.
It is 300Kms , I start my Nano at 2:45AM at night, and I’m in Ahmedabad at 7:30AM, means I cut 300Kms in 4:45 hrs can u believe it?
300 Kms in 4:45 hrs (30 minute rest in between), means actual time to cut 300Km is 4:15hr!

At all way I drive Nano on 100Km/hr, I was overtaking many of luxurious car (Xylo, Honda City, Fiesta)

Top Speed I drive: 100KM/hr
Max Passenger with Nano : 9 members
I drive Nano on tough road of Rajasthan.
And I feel proud to over take some luxurious cars (e.g Xylo, Honda City, Fiesta)
I overtake oat 100Km/hr speed and face of that luxurious car driver was surprised.
Total 1000KM I drive in 2 days.

Happy and Feel Proud with Nano.

Lalit Prajapati
[Nano Owner Ahmedabad]

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