Tour of My Native in Navaratri

  • Jan 15th 2013


I live in Sachin. My native is Lilapur near Lakhtar dis. Surendranagar. I travelled 400km in Nano in 5.30 hours. I love driving Nano over 100Km/H on highway. I and my son sit in front seat & my wife sits comfortably in the back with 3 big bag of luggage. On highway Nano gives me a 27Km/Lit with A/C. I had a nonstop drive of 5.30 hour. I love it. It’s very smooth to drive. After2 days we reached our village. I drove on rough road for 5Km to reach a small temple. In my Nano total 6 adult seats but Nano running smooth. I love Nano then I realize Nano is my life. It’s our family member. I will say more about Nano but I have no words for Nano.



Dipak Jani

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