The sunshine of my life…

  • Dec 14th 2009

It was my proud privilege to be one among the first few lucky owners of Tata Nano while many other Nano fans are still waiting for their dream car.









On the delivery day I was so thrilled that I couldn't even wait till the showroom people serviced the car. I went to the service bay, saw the beauty and started taking photos from that moment on. My first experience in the car was in the back seat as my boss was more excited than me and wanted to drive the dream car first!!! Hats off to Tata Engineers for their superb thermal and sound insulation. Even though the engine is behind the back seat no trace of heat or noise even to the rear passengers!!!! And the suspension is good for Indian roads with ample leg and head room for rear passengers. We reached speeds of 100kmph in the first journey from Palakkad to Thrissur making heads turn.






It was at night when I finally got the chance to drive my dream. I was rather proud and thrilled which turned to surprise me soon. The car was smoother than that I expected!! Delivering more power than a M800!! AC was so powerful at the same time not reducing the efficiency of the car. Definitely it is worth more than its price!! Friends and Relatives were so surprised and they even doubted" How can five people sit in such a small car, yaar??" They found the answer when they sat inside and said "so spacious man!!!"







I was on the way to a car accessory shop when suddenly a police patrol jeep overtook my car and they stopped in front of me.I was worried as I forgotten to wear my seat belt, "Oh god!! these guysare definitely gonna charge a fine." I thought.




A tall, well built officer came out of the Jeep and asked much to my relief: "How is the car man? Just wanted to see the interiors".




This was my experience with the Nano, Wishing you all a very "Happy Nanoing"




Abhilash VP

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