The Nano LX 2012 experience

  • Sep 10th 2012

I had a wonderful experience purchasing Nano at Concorde – Sangareddy, Andhra Pradesh on Aug 3rd 2012. Our TML and dealership staff have extended their support in all possible ways.


I have driven almost 800 kms from my home town Zahirabad, AP to Mumbai in the last 3 days with 4 people (Mom, Dad, Wife) with decent luggage. I got 23.4 kmpl with 60% AC usage.


My family members were really happy with the comfort it has provided. 4 major advantages we felt were leg space, cabin spaciousness, mileage, AC. If my inputs can add value anywhere in your transactions, please take note of below points.


The route I have followed was:


Zahirabad(AP) to Tuljapur (MH) -> 250 kms, NH 9, Road was not good with lot of pot holes Tuljapur(MH) to Pune -> 300 kms via solapur NH9, Decent road Pune local -> 100 kms Pune to Mumbai -> 150 kms via express way, Ghat road


B Shashi Kiran

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