The Day I Bought My Nano

  • May 2nd 2012

I am a proud owner of Tata Nano.The aspect that got me intrigued about this small car, apart from its compact exterior, is its well tended interior. Within a reasonable price range, I enjoy the comfort features in my Tata Nano. Also features I like the best is the air-conditioning system and front power windows. Driving Nano comes with an advantage of moving through crowded city traffic in Delhi or Mumbai. Moreover, the excellent fuel economy that the car delivers is incomparable. Tata Nano LX caters to a premium mileage of 18 kmpl while driving on city roads and 23 kmpl while driving on highways. In conclusion, I am genuinely satisfied with Tata Nano. I purchased this car after considering and comparing various models from the same class. At last, I found Nano LX as the best fit to my requirements in terms of mileage, performance and comfort.



Aditya Japee



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