The Best Vacation With Nano Surprise

  • May 2nd 2012


The best vacations are always the unplanned ones, Right? I was all fed up with the hustle and bustle of work, and on a lark, My friends and I decided to drive to Goa. Mumbai to Goa is around a 12-hour journey by road, covering a distance of around 600 kms. It was a fabulous roadtrip. We spent 3 days on the warm beaches of Goa, eating our pick of fresh fish curry, prawns and crabs. In the mornings, We would set off to explore the mix of Indian and Portuguese culture, architecture and lifestyle that the sunshine state is known for. We drove up to the isolated beaches – where the azure waters and serene sands were blissful. It was the perfect antidote to city life and personally, It was an incredibly rejuvenating experience for me.

Sagar Mahangade


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