Tata Nano-the practical choice

  • Mar 6th 2012


From a professional’s point of view, affordability is the most important aspect. I don’t want a car which gives me a burden of a heavy loan, or longer repayment tenure. There’s also the running cost, the second important aspect.

If I can get the comfort of getting rid of hot summer, rid of cold winter waves, rid of monsoon showers in rupees 2.2 lakh why should I go for spending another 1 lakh, that too for a car whose fuel economy is usually half of the Nano’s.

I think intelligent people can understand that few things are really personal in life. For me, my ‘personal things’ list includes my vehicle too. I refuse to spend my hard earned money just for false pride. In fact this environment friendly car brings the best mileage of around 26 Kmpl without AC and 23 Kmpl with AC on. Speed of 80-85 Kmph seems to be best as if your own safety is prime concern. Neither Indian roads support more than that. Overall value for money is

Tata Nano

Alok Kumar Agrawal

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