Tata Nano’s 1800kms Trip to Mata Vaishno Devi

  • Jul 23rd 2012


I would like to introduce myself as a Tata’s Employee past 18years and Tata Nano’s proud owner past few months. I purchased the Nano in October 2011 from Bariely, Grover Trade Links with Vehicle No-UP24 N 9010.

Though my long experience of driving gave the confidence to buy Tata Nano but I still had doubts about the car’s performance.I recently became the witness of its reliable performance when we planned one week trip to Mata Vaishno Devi from our home place, Tata Chemicals Babrala, U.P. (900kms from Katra, J&K).

I and my wife started from TCL on 2nd July 12, 2012 to reach Delhi, stayed there for a day to pick up the kids (2 Daughters and a son) and reached Ludhiana next day via NH-1 Highway. We reached Katra, J&K on 5th July. In the evening we started the 15kms long and exhausting journey of Mata Vaishno Devi and Baba Bhairo Temple. We felt blessed and quite lucky enough to even celebrate my son’s birthday on the 6th July. After visiting Mata’s Temple along with Bhairo Baba too we came down to Katra on 6th July’s evening. The very next day we started off early at 5 am from Katra to our way back to home. Although it was quite challenging, but after the Mata’s Darshan and the urge to reach home on time, I decided to drive nonstop till Delhi from Katra. On the highway I came across a couple of Nanos and when one of them sped past me while I was at 80kmph, it gave me more confidence to press the pedal to clock above 100kmph during the drive. After 14 hours 800kms of tiring, aching, sleepy and longest drive of my life, I was left nothing but amazed to see the absolute engineering work put behind this small yet reliable vehicle.

Prior to the journey my mind was full of doubts due to many reasons; Prime was the distant travel of 1800kms and that too with its max capacity of 5 persons. I was also worried of its overheating or breakdown due to one or other reasons. We even faced logged-water up to the knees on the NH-1 Highway due to rain showers, but Nano never gave up.This Nano Car trip not only gave my family a wonderful experience, at an amazing mileage of 23kmph (Not to forget 200kms during journey we switched ON the A.C. too) but also cleared my doubts and even my workmates too.Although I was over-delighted by the performance but I won’t mind asking for more acceleration and power esp. during the early gears and more compact insulation beneath the rear seats.

I have been driving past 23 years and have experienced most of the vehicles of the Tata Motors Vehicle myself. And the Tata Motors continue to amaze and inspire me with its varying and distinctive vehicles, be it giant heavy duty Tata Truck or a tiny reliable Nano.I would recommend this amazing – miraculous - fuel efficient - environment friendly vehicle to everyone having family of 5 members or less.

Kudos to the each & every single member behind this Project.


J.S. Rawat & Family

Assistant Engg, Mechanical Dept.

Tata Chemicals Ltd, Babrala

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