Small car, big trip!

  • Feb 21st 2012


Hi, My name is Nitin Bansal. And I live in tohana, I have an almond colored Nano.....I have a nuclear family with my brother, father and mother. Some 20 days ago, we decided to go for a long drive to Vaishno Devi and it took 5 days; we left out at 7am. Sharply, and the journey takes 6-7 hours and my Nano support many times and that time too..its mileage was also good, and didn’t stop anywhere..moreover it controls the jerks also.

Then we reach at Jammu. Then we took some rest, more over it was a evening, and we didn’t start our journey to vaishno devi., The next day we started our journey to katra in our Nano and as everyone knows the jammu-katra road is very dangerous and many accidents can take place at any time, but thank god we didn’t encountered any accident with our life and Nano..and safely reach katra, there we took tickets for the temple..and park our Nano in a hotel where we rest for some time.

Then we start our journey to vaishno devi and successfully able to do darshan at bhawan. Now we had to come back, and we came down on katra, and pick our Nano and start our back journey from katra to Tohana again...but during my back journey my Nano suddenly stopped, after some time I found the petrol was empty; I filled in the petrol in petrol pump and got back my journey..and we reached my town Tohana. Conclusion is that Nano helped every person who has. Those who says Nano is kachre ka dabba, engine problem and all that are absolutely is like all other cars, but occupies less space which is its biggest advantage.

From the bottom of my heart I wanna thank Mr.Ratan Tata who launched such a mind boggling, fantastic car...I want to tell u that, Nano, not only helped me in the above trip, it helped me in many trips, and tours with my friends also.


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