Sipra’s Nano’s 1st birthday

  • Apr 13th 2011

Sipra Chakraborty

I am a Nano LX customer. My Nano was delivered on 7th January 2010. So it's my car's 1st birth day. Today I went to Dakshineswar Mandir to pray for my car and then we celebrated the day with cake and sweets. I am really very proud of my TATA NANO.

In this one year Nano has made me so proud and gave me the feeling of a mother when she gives birth to her child. I booked my Nano on the last but one day of booking. On that day, I did not have any idea even of how the car looks or what are its features. Many people even discouraged me by saying that it looks like a "auto rickshaw", but as soon as I saw the car, I felt really happy. It has good space inside and it is really very comfortable. I can stretch my legs properly, the height of the seats is also very good and comforting. I have a small family of 3 persons but my car accommodates 4 persons.

I live in Kolkata. In this one year, I have traveled to Digha, Mandarmani seabeach, Junput, Haripur, Digha Mohana, Shankarpur, Udaypur and many more places by my car. Nano gives a wonderful service. I want to thank Mr. Ratan Tata for that.
Long live Nano.

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