Safe for Long Trip and ZERO MAINTAINCE COST

  • Jan 15th 2013


I took my Nano lx on Dec 2010 till date I crossed 20000 km without any problems,

Long trips experience:
Chennai to Madurai –total km 490 with 20 Liter petrol with AC (3 STOPS FOR PETROL)
Chennai to Tanjore –total km 800 same day return to Chennai
Chennai to Palani to Madurai –total 690 km covered
All my long trips always noticed there is no body pain because of excellent seat position
Till date I spent Rs.200 for wheel balancing.

Note: My first car is alto, I used spent on every service minimum Rs.3000 and also every 5000km we needed to change engine oil and coolant.

Tata Nano Service - 4years free of cost (gold amc)
Every 10000Km OIL CHANGE
Coolant 40000km
Labor charge also free
Zero billing for 4years

Kannan Ptk

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