Professor of Nano technology!

  • Feb 27th 2012


I bought my Nano CX on 31/12/2010 and immediately we went to the Karani Mata temple of Deshnok famous for rats, just 32 km away from Bikaner, surprisingly we observed the mileage of that very short tour was 24-25 km/litre specially at the speed of 90-100 km/hr because I used to drive my Tata Indigo LS (Model 2003) at 120-130 km/hr and still my both cars are new looking and role model for my whole staff of about 165 professors of the Govt.Dungar college Bikaner where I have been teaching since last 15 years. However our professors are upgrading their cars to sedan or luxury models but I prefer small impact car for my wife and children with high ground clearance and mileage but with less turning radius of just 4 meters having a strong and fast AC, low priced, comfortable leg room, which I found in Nano. Now a days I am much dependent on Nano rather to use my Indigo in the city particularly and my colleagues called me the Professor of Nano technology. I am proud of my Nano which is the single car of my college and I have been recognized and registered my presence with the presence of my Nano in the college..]

Dr.Navdeep Singh Bains,

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