Pratima’s Tour

  • Feb 11th 2011

Mr. Tata,

Thank you so much for designing a car for middle class people. I have a Tata Nano in first lac lot. It is a LX model.

I use it locally for routine works in the suburb in which I live.Thus my run was very small.
In Ganpati festival I drove my car up to Badlapur, far suburb or Mumbai. That was the longest run, 150 kms to n fro, in a day.I was happy with the performance hence I decided to take my Nano to Kolhapur. I was discouraged by people, relatives and neighbours. Yet I
had faith in your ability. I said to myself that Tata wont FAIL. Design of car is international. Also, Tata gave cross country trial for those who suspected about it's strength. Thus I can do it.

Accordingly I drove my car to Kolhapur on Saturday, 23rd Oct.2010. I started at 6.30 am with fuel tank full. Within 1/2 hr I reached Vashi bridge and at 60th minute I was on Panvel bridge. The wonderful weather was enhancing driving joy. At first foodmall petrol pump I filled the petrol again to full
capacity. It told me that consumption was 3-1/2 litres for 75kms till that point. Again I took halt for lunch at Karad at 1pm and filled the petrol
tank to its full capacity. I kept cheking the average and overall performance of the car. At destination the milage driven was 411kms.
In return journey on 24th Oct.2010, I haulted at Pune and visited locally to some of my relatives. All of them were taken aback to see
the excellent performance of such a cute small car. Finally I reached home on 25th Oct.2010 evening. The total running was 870kms in 3 days and satisfaction was more than 100%.

Thank you sir for creating such a wonder. In return journey when I haulted for lunch, the restaurent owner as well as other car drivers/owners were asking various questions to me regarding cost, performance, space, dicky, height etc. I am happy to inform you that I successfully answered all their questions. They seemed satisfied. I wish all of them encourage others to buy Tata Nano. It is wonderful.

Once again hatts off to you Sir for thinking about our need of a budgetful car.


Yours truely,
Pratima Gaitonde
car No. MHO2 BY 2434

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