Pleasure to drive a Nano!

  • Aug 16th 2013

I’m Chandni Varma, a Grooming and Soft skills Trainer based in lucknow.Its been a year since I bought the Tata Nano Lx (white).Its my first car and it’s been a pleasure to drive it. I could never imagine myself weaving in and out of the crazy traffic here but with the Nano it just seems so easy. Its compact size makes it super easy to drive, manoeuvre and to park, specially since finding parking spaces has become such a headache. Its small size makes it really easy and fast to clean, making it almost maintenance free and even the servicing schedule is only once a year.


The air conditioning is very effective and can give a run for its money to any big car.There is ample head room, even for the really tall people and, enough leg room.Most of the people, who had never sat in a Nano before, were really surprised with the amount of space inside which i feel has been utilized really well.


They even actually contemplated buying it and I know a few people who have bought it and are extremely happy. The only problem is that since the engine is in under the back seat and is an air cooled engine, it gets pretty noisy for those sitting at the back. Maybe the engine bay should have more insulation so that less noise comes inside the car. Just a suggestion !!!


The mileage is good and we recommend adding System G in the petrol to keep the injectors clean so that the engine runs smoothly.



Chandni Varma


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