Panvel to Kolhapur Trip Total 900 Km with 27.5 Km/Ltr

  • Jan 15th 2013


I purchased a Nano on 23rd April 2012 (Gudipadwa) from Fortune Motors Panvel.

After purchasing my own CAR I learnt to drive this wonder, believe me any new driver loves to drive this CAR as for its smooth pickup and handling capability.

Within one month I completed the 1000Km distance with little wonder to some near places (Mahad, Pali, Ekvira) and I am now very much comfortable driving without any fear.

After three months, during Ganpati Vacations I decided to go to my native place (Near Kolhapur) which is 450Km from my place and I had doubts, if my Nano will travel this much distance without any trouble? But after long discussion with my family members we decided to go with our NANO.

Day 1) we planned to go early in the morning as we had to travel 450KM. it was 9.00 AM when we started from Panvel. We travelled about 5 KM and filled the Petrol â€"Rs.800 and start our journey with the Nano.

Happy Owner of the best small car in India - Tata Nano

We cross Pune (110 Km) within 1.5 Hours with speed 70-80 Km/hr without any issue.

But when we reached Pune city there was lot of Traffic and it took another one hour to cross the Pune city.

After crossing Pune city it was a very nice drive towards Satara with some soft music.

Within 3 hours we crossed Satara and then my Petrol tank showed two bars on the meter hence we stop at one petrol pump and fill the petrol â€" Rs. 1000.

Then at 2 PM we were hungry so we stopped near Karad at one Farm and had lunch which we carried with us. We also rested for about 15 minutes.

After lunch we started from Karad to Kolhapur and we reached to Jotiba temple which includes some Ghat section of about 10 KM without any trouble.

We leave from Jotiba to our native place and reach around 9.00 PM.

Rear View of most economical car in India - Tata Nano Twist

Believe me during this travel, I never got bored of driving and it was an amazing experience.

Day 2) Then we had to go to our relatives houses in nearby villages and we had some other family members and kids with us i.e. total we are 5 Adults and 3 children in the car. This small wonder CAR NANO take us to destination without any trouble.

Day 3) After Ganpati Visarjan we have to go back to Panvel. So we started our journey at around 11.30 AM in the morning and reached Kolhapur in an hour. At Kolhapur we had delicious Non-veg food parceled and started our journey again.

At near Satara again we filled petrol of Rs. 800 and start towards Pune.

We took rest at Pune and had some Vada-Pav (Joshi Wadewale) and tea and started our journey again towards Panvel and reached Panvel at 10.00 PM.
This journey was totally awesome and without any trouble.

We filed around 33 liters petrol for this journey, and got an unbelievable 27.5 mileage from this wonderful CAR.

We were four people who travelled and if I calculate the cost of travelling by Bus then Nano is far cheaper
Panvel- Kolhapur â€"1 person â€"700 + 700 = 1400
As we are four persons â€"1400 * 4 = 5600
We filled some Rs. 2600 for petrol and approximately Rs. 1000 for toll

Sunil Gojare
Panvel, Navi Mumbai

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