Our lovely champagne gold Nano

  • Jul 12th 2012


Just this week I acquired my Tata Nano CX model - in the lovely colour of Champagne Gold. My husband had to bring it from Johdpur to Jaisalmer and it arrived all in one piece, shiny and new and decorated with many marigold malas! It is to be my driving around the city and trips to the desert car - and in these recent days it is fulfilling all my expectations.


It is certainly a 'no frills' model, e.g. no hubcaps, no pocket on the side of doors etc. but these things hardly matter. There's plenty of places to put the shopping and handbag, and what is more important it is deceptively roomy inside. The ease of getting in and out is fantastic - the higher seat helps out here and the spacious leg room between the seat and pedals also. This is the first car where I don't have to push the seat right back.

For a motorbike engine this car is tops! A fast pick up, smooth gear changing, and fuel economy are fantastic - we calculated the trip from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer (bearing in mind my husband kept to the 'running in' speeds) fuel consumption was around 26km to the litre.

I like the steering wheel - it is very light to use, not heavy and I suspect power steering or close to it? Can't work this out from the little book that comes with it, but it is certainly easier to maneuver in tight parking situations than my previous Alto.

As for the air conditioning - an essential here for many months of the year - it seems to have very little effect on the motor. I'm most impressed with it, and use it on 1 only - I like the way it cuts on and off with the fridge bit - good for economy of fuel and the environment.

This is the first letter I have ever written in praise of a product but my enthusiasm for this small car and how it is meeting all my expectations of it spurred me on to send this to you. Thank you Tata Team for developing such a good product accessible to many. The safety features are also well done. Congratulations, and you have one more happy customer here!

Lois Mason

Desert Moon

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