Off-Roading with my Nano

  • Mar 28th 2012


9th of December was one of the best day of my it was time to receive our Nano LX(Gold).

Previously I used to drive a Maruti 800 whose power is more than Tata Nano.

So I was excited to have a long drive with my Nano. First of all I checked its performance on the Highway.

And I was amazed.!! Nano was cruising at a speed of 100km/ph. with no vibrations at all..and great Stability
(That I haven't experienced in 800).

Overtaking was just a fun.!! ;) Thanks to its smaller size and even smaller turning radius.!

Although it is registered on my dad's name..the steering is always in my hands.!! ;)

Now was the time to test the vehicle off road.

A trip was decided to Rajmachi fort with my friends and fixed on 20th of January.

After passing Lonavla..we reached to the actual road that leads to Rajmachi.

We were bit the road was full of rocks and the distance too was long(22 while going and same while coming back)..slippery sand and many high Ups and downs.

After waiting for some time we decided to take a challenge.

Also there was a company of two SUV's. Three of the vehicles started the journey. We were behind the two.

After passing approximately 6-7 kms.they stopped their vehicles and refused to go forward..they turned to a nearer Resort.

Now were totally alone and scared too. We had no network on our mobiles either.

After covering a few kms. we saw a Honda civic parked. The driver said he couldn’t move further as his car was hit by the big rocks in the path.

Now was the time to decide what to do..

Road was becoming more and more difficult and we were surrounded by the dark forest on either side.

I was driving and everybody was looking at me. I decided to move forward no matter what happens.

But I was amazed at the performance of the vehicle. Just awesome.! There were 5 of us in the car but the weight didn’t hinder the car’s performance both while climbing and coming down. The engine was roaring and performing like a king.!!

Let me share here..The Average I received on such road was..shocking.."18km/pl".!!

The trek ended happily and proved to be the most adventurous and economical trek we had.!

At the end..when I dropped all the friends at their homes and parked my nano at the parking..

I looked at her proudly for some time..then I tapped on the bonnet..and said a big Thank you.!!

This was the best experience in my life..and will never forget it my whole life.!!

I bet no other hatchback or sedan class car can do such a big difficult job.!!

Shantanu Kulkarni

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