Now that’s what i call a performance

  • Jul 26th 2012



well it's just so wonderful that This small little Nano can do such wonders.


Now here is my review of the same. It's a Supernovea. I am from Shimla (H.P) and my family owns a Tata Nano, this time i had a chance to go Narkanda (H.P) and there i wanted to Visit Hattu Peaks from we can have a beautiful scenic of Shivallik Ranges of Himachal, and to my surprise my Nano is a wonder car. i travelled almost 11,132 fts (3400 mts) height from one of the narrowest and scary roads of shimla.



Hat's of to this lil small wonder car it took me to the highest point of 11,132 feet. the experience was wonderful. Thank You Tata Nano


Dr. Sushant Sud



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