New Year’s Eve Trip

  • Feb 27th 2012


It was New year's eve (2012) and as usual Me & my friends planned for some outing & finally voted on a long drive (a trip from Chennai to Bangalore).. One of my friends own a Tata Nano and it was decided that we all (5 in total) go for a ride in it.. I was thrilled coz it would be the very first time i would be riding in a Cute little precious Nano after reading too many positive reviews. It was evident from my face that i was totally excited to drive a Nano and my friends started teasing me about it. We started the drive early in the morning and the morning breeze was very chilling and refreshing.. I was totally caught in the moment.. The fact that i was driving a Nano and the early morning breeze.. It was a great combo.. As i predicted the drive in Tata Nano was beyond my wildest dreams.. I never thought i would be the one behind the wheels and the feeling was just awesome!! I already felt like this New year was gonna be a HUGE BANG!!
We drove for hours and hours, all the time taking turns to drive the fabulous car and i was most reluctant to let go of the wheel.. The seaty were very Comfy for all of Us and it was like sitting on rose petals and flying in the sky... I wanna keep driving on and on.. In my experience, the most magical part of driving a Tata Nano is that you will only know when U have started the journey and when you have reached your destination coz time just flies when you are having a great time.. I thought that saying was indeed very true!! I just wanted to keep driving without any stopping.. The drive went smooth and we reached our destination safe and sound, thanks to our precious & gorgeous Nano and we came back home after partying.. I gotta confess that driving the Nano was the best feeling of my Life..
If somebody asks me my greatest and biggest wish for this year 2012, i would proudly say that i would wanna own a Tata Nano by the end of this year.. It can't get any better than that... It's all God's grace & I will always keep my fingers crossed!! :) I will celebrate the day I own the Nano coz it will be the day when my dream comes true!! I will make it memorable coz life is short and it is worth enjoying and i can assure that Tata Nano can make every second count and that's how i would like it..
Thank you for reading my lovely little happy experience... I appreciate it & I felt good sharing it with you guys!!
Have a Fabulous & Nano-filled year ahead!!

Kaladhar Battepati

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