Never say Na, Never say No<br/>It&#8217;s always Yes to Nano!

  • May 18th 2012


I am a former TATA employee, having been associated with TCS for sixteen years as the CEO of one of its subsidiary units, by name WTI Advanced Technology Ltd.

The positive feedback I received from a couple of my friends who have been proud owners of Tata Nano cars, prompted me to write this mail. Actually I have been seriously thinking of acquiring one for myself, having been driven to my wits end (no pun intended) by driving a Corolla amidst the dense and chaotic Chennai traffic. Following few words would showcase my thinking.

When I crawl at snail's pace on Santhome High Road, when I struggle to find parking space, when I pay my petrol bill, when I'm attacked on all sides by madmen on mobikes and when I'm forced to pay in thousands for Japanese spare parts priced to loot customers.....I crave for the tiny beetle in bright lemon yellow that zips in out of traffic!!

Never say Na,
Never say No-
It’s always Yes to Nano!

I would be delighted if your company finds the little lyrics fit enough to be used in your promotions.

You guys are doing a great job.

Best regards


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