Nano – Truly a marvel for City Driving by Nancy Nagwekar

  • Apr 13th 2011

Santaclaus, in the guise of Ratan Tata, delivered my Nano on Christmas Day. I learnt driving more than 10 years ago, but never drove. We always owned big cars (Qualis and Innova), so I never had the confidence to be able to maneuver it in the narrow roads of the suburbs. Also parking was always a big hassle...

Now I no longer need to depend on my husband or the driver to go anywhere. It is so easy to drive, maneuver in the traffic, and needs little place to park. I use it to drop and pick up my kids to school, go to the market, run errands, go to work etc. At my kids school, I have been officially been christened "Nano Aunty" by the little ones. I find the small kids are most fascinated with the Nano..They recognize it immediately and always shout out "Nano...Nano" whenever I am passing. We make it a point to wave to them or show them the "thumbs up".

My brother-in-law came down from USA last month, and was most thrilled to see and ride the Nano. Apparently there is a huge interest for the Nano in the USA, even though the car is still not available there, and many of his colleagues and friends told him to check out the Nano during his trip.

Driving the Nano, I have had some really weird experiences. I have had people stopping me on the road and wanting to check out the space inside. I have had strangers asking me for a ride. I have had people requesting me the keys to take it for a spin. I have had 4 traffic cops chasing me for 2 kms, and when I slowed down and stopped, they said "Maaadaam...ami gaadi bhagtho" (I thought they were chasing me for a traffic offence, but they were checking out the car!!) I have seen many owners of Mercs and BMWs rolling down their windows to check out the Nano. I have seen many a luxury car owners, burning with jealousy, when they see the Nano moving easily thru the traffic (almost like a rickshaw), while they are stuck in traffic. I have had attendants at the petrol pump rushing to my car, while they ignore the car ahead of me!

All in all, Nano is a true Celebrity, an ideal car for city driving. It is truly a blessing to drive around in the city and suburbs. I think it is a fantastic second car for a family and I think it is a wonderful car for Women. Thank you Tata Motors & Ratan Tata, for the Nano.

We were amazed to fit 5 adults and 2 kids (with a little sacrifice on comfort) in the Nano!! So much for a small car!

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