Nano Revolution in West Bengal by Parthasarthi Guha

  • Apr 13th 2011

Lucky allottee Parthasarathi Guha shares his Nano experience in Kolkata... Last April 2009 I opened a forum named “I am a Car lover any quarries about Nano-Ask Me” in the official Tata Nano Orkut blog and later I opened another forum in the same blog named “Kolkata Nano Owners-Please Reply”. People asked me plenty of quarries regarding Tata Nano and I tried to give all the answers to you to help you buy your dream car the Tata Nano. It gives me a lot of pleasure and I got 2 prizes for the “Early Bird Contest” and “Tata Nano Celebrity Contest”.

I salute to the living legend of India Mr.Ratan Tata for fulfilling the dream of middle class people of India. Tata Motors is the pioneer of Indian car market.

I am eagerly waiting to drive my Tata Nano CX in racing red very soon. A few months ago I got an opportunity to drive my dream car the Tata Nano in Kolkata thanks to Mr. Suvendu Bhattacharya one of the owners of a Nano, who gave me this opportunity at the time of delivery his Nano LX. After that in the month of January 2010 I got a second opportunity to have a ride in my dream car the Nano. Mr. Sujit Kundu from Howrah, West Bengal gave me this opportunity in his CX model. It was a wonderful beautiful experience. The car had a smooth drive, smooth ride, cute sexy looks, very comfortable and spacious. When we were traveling by Nano in the streets of Kolkata, everybody was looking at it. In fact the owner of a premium car and also an owner of an i20 were looking out our Nano. Again I am very happy that my revolution and research work for Tata Nano is successful. Before the launch of Nano everybody was very anxious about the car. I tried to tell them the positive sides of Nano and also I tried to clear all their doubts about Nano. Thank god, Mr. Ratan Tata and also thanks to the Tata Nano that my forecasting of the car was 100% right and the post launching result of Nano is also very good. Tata Nano didn’t betray us. I think lots of people trusted the Tata Brand that’s why they are spending their money on the Nano since last year without getting the car. It’s really a first time revolution in Indian car market. People trust the brand of Tata and that’s why they are waiting to get their dream Nano from last year till date. Again I would like to thank those people who also trusted me and purchased the Tata Nano after listening to me. I would like to thank Tata Motors again and people for giving me this opportunity to write something about our dream car Tata Nano. My first and last forecast for the Tata Nano is, one day the Tata Nano will be the market leader in Indian small car segment market.

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