Nano reaches Jalori Pass a story by Ravikant Potdar

  • Mar 14th 2011

Dear Tata Nano Team

You've built a Great Car...! It has exceeded my expectations. I got my Nano delivered around One and a half months ago. Before that I had thought that Nano being a small car with a small engine might not have enough power to climb mountain roads.

I live in Kullu town in Himachal Pradesh and generally like to go on trekking and mountain drives in Himalayas with family and friends. I usually ride a motor-cycle for such expeditions.

On 20th morning (20-05-2010) I decided to take my mom to see her old mother (my Nany). My Nany lives in a far village from Kullu, and to reach that place you need to drive through one of the most difficult roads of "RAID-DE-HIMALAYA" Car Rally Route.

It is called the "Jalori-Pass", a mountain top pass at 3120 Mts above mean sea Level. The road is narrow with extreme gradient and sharp curves and above all it is not metalled. Usually people prefer to go there in 4x4 jeeps....And I decided to take my Nano. We were 4 persons including me (my mom, my cousine bro, cousine sis & myself). I had thought if my Nano fails to climb, I would return back home.

As I approached those tricky trail, I hardly felt any power lag and my Nano with all of us on-board climbed and reached Jalori Pass successfully and like a breeze. Perhaps it is the first Tata Nano reaching Jalori Pass. I was completely astounded by its performance. Neither it got overheated. Nano'ss higher ground clearance proved to be an advantage.

Foreigner Tourist coming there in jeeps were amazed to see this small car standing on that mountain top and started taking its pics right there. I could hear people and kids shouting “Wo dekho Nano” all the way to my Nany’s place. If it were a Mercedes, I think it wouldn’t have been a head-turner like my Nano.

Feels good to me... bring a smile to me...

My sincere appreciation and thanks to Tata Nano Team.

Ravikant Potdar

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