Nano Privilege Club

  • Apr 13th 2011

Imagine the delight when you are one of the first people from a thousand others to receive the car everyone’s been talking about.

Yes, we’re talking about the people who are proud owners of the Tata Nano.

Lucky is an understatement as they not only have the most sought after car but they are also entitled to benefits and privileges that are exclusive to them.

A real treat for Nano owners, this club is one of its kind as members get access to exclusive privileges and activities for themselves and their families.

The Nano Privilege Club was formed exclusively for the owners of the first batch of Nano. About 1 lakh people have been allotted the car by now and are the proud members of this prestigious club. NPC members get a 10% discount on select merchandise and accessories and that’s not all, there’s more to come. A lot more.

Imagine a Nano that reflects your personality. Now that’s possible as you make the Nano stylish to suit your needs and completely customize it according your taste. This membership offers you a 10% discount on a range of accessories from a car stereo to alloy wheel rims, leather seat covers, security systems the list is endless.

You are also entitled to get a 10% discount on Nano merchandise & accessories such as a Nano phone, a Nano watch, a Nano pen Drive, a round neck(dry fit) T shirt or a big teddy bear.

Another great opportunity for them to win prizes is by taking part in the Share your Nano dream contest. Here the members have to tell us what they plan to do with their Nano and the best entries stand to win some fabulous prizes.

When the Tata Nano gets delivered to a customer, he becomes a permanent member of the Nano Privilege Club. From then on you can look forward to even more exciting offers, contests and fabulous discounts.

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