Nano Passed the Acid Test

  • Mar 6th 2012


Here is my story of Nano

Last year I was the lucky ones to get a Nano. But just before I could pick it up from the showroom, three jumbo speed breakers were made in my colony on the freshly laid road. An old fiat had a major accident because of the bumps on the road once before hence I had sleepless nights thinking about what would happen to my Nano. My Alto sometimes touched the speed breaker if I did not slow down. When decided to buy a Nano my daughter wasn’t too happy, especially since show room was lined up with SUV's and large cars from the TATA stable. But as soon as we hit the road the story changed. People were looking at us as if were celebrities. My daughter quickly revised her opinion about the car. I too was enjoying the drive. But the real test that the Nano passed was the speed breakers in my colony. After I entered the premises. The nano slowly passed over the first bump without any noise of anything touching. With the next bump I was bolder and took it over gradually still nothing touched. Finally by the third bump I increased speed expecting the worst, but the Nano trotted over it like a horse. My Nano had passed the acid test!


It’s been two years since my purchase and it has been a pleasurable experience!



Prof Manoj Mishra


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