Nano Merchandise

  • Apr 13th 2011

During World War II, the Coca Cola or Coke, as it is more popularly known, emerged as the symbol of American pride, as they say it was Coke which kept the US troops going during wartime, wherever on earth they were battling. Since then, the US saw a number of “me too” colas come and disappear without a trace, but Coke still remains a symbol of modern day America. So is the case of Ferrari or even Fiat - both brands touted as the pride of Italy.

There are always some symbols which go on to become a matter of national pride for the nation’s citizens. Tata Motors gave India, her very own symbol of national pride, an engineering innovation called the Nano!! No one in the world, other than the zestful engineers in Tata Motors believed that a one lakh car could be made. None of the competitors took Tata Motors very seriously and even went to the extent of ridiculing them. But the Nano team worked smart, worked hard and gifted India her first design innovation in automobile technology of which the entire world had to stand up and take notice.

Nano is not a mere car, it is a testament to India’s advanced technology; it is frugal engineering at its best! Nano is an aspirational purchase for many middle class Indians like me. It has given the common man a chance to own a car which otherwise would never have been possible. Little surprise then that every Indian is proud of the Nano; our very own cute, peppy car.

The moment Nano booking forms were available, I jumped with joy and immediately filled a form to own this cute car. I was sure that goddess luck would smile at me and I would get an opportunity to be the proud owner of the Nano. But when the allotments were announced, I realized that I was not in the list of lucky applicants. When I contacted my dealer, I was pleasantly surprised to see a whole wide range of cute Nano merchandise waiting for me. My dealer explained to me that Tata Motors came up with the concept of introducing a whole wide range of inexpensive and affordable Nano merchandise, which would give you and me a chance to “own” the Nano in some form! Just the way the Nano was designed to be a car for the family, Tata Guys ensured that the merchandise range included something for everyone in the family. So you have teddy bears and pencil boxes for the tots and chic and trendy t-shirts for the college going teenager, a sleek yet inexpensive mobile phone for the lady of the house and of course, my personal favourite in the range, an oh-so cute looking Nano shaped pen drive.

That’s when I realised that, Tata Motors has not only re-engineered technology; it has re-engineered style as well!! I strongly recommend that you check out the Nano Merchandise at Be a part of Nano lovers club and take pride in using Nano branded merchandise. Its time to make your NANO statement to the world!

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