Nano-ing Around

  • Nov 6th 2009

Prasaanth Kumar S R shares his Nano story

I live 100 kms away from Kochi. On one of my trips there, I saw a huge crowd in front of a newly opened Concorde Motors though the showroom wasn’t open to the public yet and only the security guards were present at that time.






I then noticed that people had gathered to see the much awaited Nano which was on display there. A couple of days later, I went to Kochi again with my family and planned to take a look at the car. Not to our surprise, the showroom was filled with people like us. We still got to see the Nano up, close & personal.


Although we could not see the vehicle running, we were quite impressed by the tall boy shape,spacious interiors and economic value of the people’s car. I did not expect to be amongst the 1 lakh lucky ones that were going to get the car. So, I booked 5 of them.


On the 25th of June, I found out that I was one of the lucky few to own the car. It was a jackpot, since I was selected for the initial quarter of delivery i.e. July to Sep 2009.






I got the Nano LXBSIII Champagne Gold on 05.10.2009 @ 6.47 pm from Concorde Motors, Kochi. Right from the first time I drove it I liked the Nano very much. I liked the tallboy design and high seating position almost like a SUV. I also found the air-conditioning to be very strong compared to any other car of similar or higher class. My two favourite colours for the Nano are Champagne Gold & Racing Red.


Driving in the Nano for the next two hours was exhilarating. Early morning, I went to the Ganesha Temple at Kottarakkara, which is 63 kms south east of my home town. Within the 12 hours of delivery, my car had crossed226 kms! I top-up the fuel to full at 5 kms and when I top-up again at 226 kms of odometer reading, just needed 10.59 litres. So in 12 hours of delivery I was impressed with the 20.86 kms/ltr mileage with the air-conditioner on.


I got the fabric seat cover at Rs. 1,315/- from Concorde and received a 7 litre petrol coupon other than the1-2 litres already in the tank. I went to my regular accessory shop and fixed JVC KDR 506 & JBL GTO428 Speakers, Cross link Wheels Key less Entry, Hella Power Horns (Later replaced it with Roots Megasonic Horns), Auto grafix Body Graphics & 3M UV Protect Sunfilms etc in another 3 hoursfor 12.7K.


I'm totally satisfied with my Nano. All my family wants to do now-a-days is to travel in the Nano, somy other ‘luxury’ car is resting as of now.


Nano is something Tata Motors can take pride in. And, we will always revere Mr. Ratan Tata for hisvision. He knows the common Indian man more than anyone else. He has given a car to the world, which doesn’t hurt the common man’s pocket.


Long-live TATA ...Long-live NANO.....



My Nano-ingcontinues.....

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