Nano Has Technological Edge…

  • Apr 26th 2012

The name Nano is very impressive as Nano technology is getting very famous in each and every field and Automobile Industry is no exception. It is like having everything in a mini capsule and yet economical in these class of vehicles. Nano is having technological edge in these type of cars and I like Nano when compared to Maruti due to its space and stylish look more importantly its is efficient in fuel consumption due to its unique components which are lighter than its nearest comparable cars such as Maruti (in these segment of cars). I think Nano is not the competitor to Maruti but it is Maruti which fears Nano. Drive out Nano which is the harbinger of poor of the poorest who can dream of driving car. I think West Bengal has not only erred by protesting Nano but has lost many employment opportunities to otherwise beleaguered West Bengal in terms of Economy and Un-employment.


Mr J Dharani


New Delhi




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