Nano goes the distance! Always

  • Feb 27th 2012


I got my "Khushion ki chaabi" Tata Nano 2010 LX Metallic Silver on 31st March 2010.
The car from tata is definitely a great effort in trying to bring a 4 wheeler in the reach of a common man. Nano is very comfortable for a city ride with easy manoverability, small size and quite a powerful engine for its size & weight.

Parking is very comfortable. But one thing I would like to impress upon in this blog for potential nano buyers is that it is pretty good on the highway as well. I had driven in up & down between Mumbai & Kolhapur & it took an average of 8 hours for the 560 odd kms. I also twice did it between Mumbai & Pune at an average of 2 hrs 15 min for the 370 kms. But the highlight was covering 850 kms within 35 hours,the major break being for 9 hours. I started off from bangalore at 10:30am on saturday for a small village about 50 kms further from Tanjore through some pretty bad stretches of road (Krishnagiri to Thiruvanamalai, Tanjore to Thiruvarur) and reached there around 12:30 pm, with an 1.5 hr continuous break in between. I started my return at 10am Sunday morning and reached bangalore by 8:30pm the same day (this time the bad stretches being between Thiruvarur to Tanjore and Trichy to Namakkal).

I got a mileage of 23kmpl with the AC on through most of the ride. The only downside on highway was a max speed of only 90 and bit less powerful sound in the horn. Overall Iam happy, & would recommend this car for anyone who is inn dilemma over the negative talk associated with this cheapest car yet.

Overall, a good and peppy car to drive within the city. I would definitely suggest this car to first time car buyers and people who are planning to upgrade their vehicles from two wheelers. Long live the Nano.

Vineet Parolia

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