Delhi to Pune and back!

  • Feb 21st 2012


The Narration of My Nano Adventure is as following-

My Delhi - Pune -Delhi experience with my Nano. Well sorry to tell you guys but i don't have any pictures for that trip as i forgot to take my camera. And that was not a planned trip. It was just a quick decision between me and my dad. So back in summer of 2011 after i got my 12th results, I was trying for admission in a good college. And i always wanted to go Pune. So it
was decided that me and my dad will go to Pune and look for colleges, fees and all that stuff. So initially we had our reservations from "Goa Express" but somehow only one of our ticket got confirmed and the other was still in the waiting and there were no chances that it would
get cleared. And since the journey from Delhi to Pune is almost 26 hours from train. We didn’t want to travel with just one confirmed seat. So my dad asked me what we shall do. And before I said anything, my dad was like “Lets Drive”. My dad loves driving too. And I was happy too, as this would be my 1st long road trip.

Day 1
So we decided to go through NH 3. We drove our Nano and we had 1 bag, 1 suitcase, a water cooler and some snacks and food with us. We got our car checked, spare tire checked, all fuses checked, kept a rope, a flash light and few extra fuses. We left at about 8:30 PM since we had to cancel our tickets and get the car checked. Our goal was to reach Agra by midnight and leave early morning, as we didn’t want to cross Chambal during night. We took Mathura road and reached Agra around 12 as planned. So far everything was good, except some traffic at the Haryana Border. So we covered around 200 Kms that night and our Nano has completed this
stretch without any troubling and we were not at all tired.

Day 2
Started 4:30 AM from Agra and took NH 3. We reached Gwalior around 6:30 AM as there was no traffic and roads were fine and the distance was about 120 kms. So we took a tea break of about 15 minutes and then left. We didn’t have a plan as where to stop at night. Since we were 2 drivers it was decided that we will cover as much as we can.

We drove around 500 kms and reached Indore around 3:30 PM and had our lunch and took a rest for about 1 hour including the lunch. Roads were good till Gwalior but as we left Gwalior, I have no idea where did the good roads go? It looked like the road was built on potholes. I still remember that there was a patch for about 100 Kms, I couldn’t even go over 50. That patch was HORRIBLE.But somehow we managed to reach Indore and I had to take little rest after driving on that horrible patch. After our lunch we decided that we will stop at Malegaon and we left Indore around 5 PM. Roads were better after Indore and yes as we were getting closer to MH, petrol prices kept going up but we were confident about our Nano mileage so it didnt trouble us much. We reached Malegaon at 11 PM and the drive was about 315 kms. There was a small hotel by the highway, I don’t remember the name, but it was good and the food was good too.

Day 3
We started at 6:30 AM from Malegaon and reached Pune by 12 PM and covered around 315 kms . we had no problems, no flat tires. Reached Pune safely by the grace of God and without a scratch on the car, though our Nano took a lot of beating in MP but it survived. It was a
really good experience and our Nano didnt give us any trouble during this long journey now more long trips will be on the cards with our Nano..WE LOVE OUR NANO...

My details are as following-

Rushang Mudgal
Andhra Pradesh

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