Nano Born Tough – Tough to Lead

  • Mar 1st 2011

TATA Nano on Sach Pass-14500 Ft, Pangi, VALLEY, CHAMBA ,H.P

We two close friends of college days from Chamba town in Himachal Pradesh made to, everyone’s surprise, Tata Nano on Sach Top and down to Pangi Valley. We made this history on 8th of October, 2010. Our names are Navneet Chowfla and Rajesh Charak. We two toddlers took off from Chamba Town on our league to Pangi valley.

Adventure on this Tata Nano. We drove through most treacherous Himalayan Terrain. It was a mind boggling experience to our delight with the risk of life at stake as we passed through very tough and rough route full of glaciers, gushing nallah crossings, High Himalayan steep cliffs roads with 90 degree deep fall down hill on Chander Bhaga River in Pangi. This river is very deep and Silent River, you do not even feel the sound of river water out there. Its depth is imaginable. We drove extensively throughout the valley, visiting all the Bhatories Monasteries on highlands of Pangi valley. The residents of said area have Mongol feature’s namely Sural, Hundan, Kumar Parmar Bhatories, and to all the rest houses of British era namely Cherry Bungalow, Todd Bungalow, FRH Killar, Mindhal, Shor, Dharwas. They are places worth visiting to human delight. Nano was the talk of the valley during our fortnightly visit. Children chasing with chaste, shouting, Nano-Nano…..all the way on pitch high sound everywhere (TATA WON A NAME-FAME in forbidden world) Kudos to manufactures. Everyone was just hard to believe that it did cross Sach Pass at the height of 14500 Ft. above mean sea level. Me and my comrade’s zeal and strong determination to do something apart from world made this journey possible. We did and succeeded way back same way by the grace of almighty and local deities. We adamantly drove Nano way back same way inspite of every bodies request to go via Lahul Spiti or Gulab garh / Kistwar (J&K) as this Pass remains open for nearly six months in a year from Chamba side. I am a proud owner of this car. I salute Tata Manufacturer for presenting smallest, cheapest, toughest Car to India and the World. Again Kudoos to Manufactures. Hon’ble Speaker of Himachal Vidhan Sabha Shri Tulsi Ram Ji is witness to this event he was touring the valley. Even he was baffled to see Nano over Sach Pass.

I bought this car from Satluj Motor’s Mandi HP way back in December 2009.
Engine No. 273MPFI03JQZE09325 Chaise No. MAT6122029>N11936, Colour Summer Blue
Date of Purchase 17/12/2009

Owner Navneet Chowfla

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