My Special Nano

  • Mar 28th 2012


“Nodi! Nano! Nano!” a bunch of school kids yelled at Belgaum. Knowing, a bit of Kannada helped, ‘Nodi’ means ‘look’.

I stopped whilst on my way to Goa and asked the boys where they would like to be dropped. Their requirement was a drop at about 4 Kms. The boys were quite elated and thanked me immensely. I was on my way from Pune to Karwar, a distance of about 600 Kms.

The next day I was just going for a social visit. I saw a couple with one child and two infants, walking in the scorching sun and the husband waving frantically at my Nano. Impulsively I stopped and welcomed them into the Nano. They were tired, and sweating profusely in the hot weather. I put on the Ac at full blast. The sigh of relief that the couple and their children made me smile with pride at how my dear Nano was so effective in so many ways. Had they not got a lift they would have had to walk five more kilometers on a narrow and uninhabited road. Their joy knew no bounds when I dropped them at their final destination. Even though I had to drive two more kilometers their happiness gave me immense satisfaction.
The next day I was at Karwar bus stand. Two women from our village who in my childhood days, gave me a lot of affection had just missed a bus. That meant a wait of about one hour. They also had a kid with them. I was meeting them after about thirty years. I went and stood in front of them . They looked at me perplexed. They had not recognized me. I introduced myself and gave them a lift to our village which is about 18 kilometers away.

I realized in all the three incidents that there is this strange but warm aura about the Tata Nano, almost as if it was made to spread happiness and provide relief to everyone it meets. This is perhaps because Tata sahib’s dream car was born off his noble thought of providing comfort to families that struggled on two wheelers. But whatever the reason, the Nano certainly is a special car.

Perhaps that is why it is called “Khushiyon ki Chabbi”

Pandurang Desai

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