My Rock solid NANO

  • Jul 26th 2012

I purchased Nano last year Dec 25th in my wifes name, i was so thrilled & the car lived up to my expectations in terms of comfort, milage & looks every thing. It was now on 16th June i actually realised how saftey my NANO was when a speeding Indica hit my standng car from side & then my car turned to right and then a speeding scorpio hit my car head on and my car had 3 passangers inside. The front Bumper, bonnet got a damaged but still my headlights were working :) & the metal in front i.le the saftey bar is so strong that it took the entire pressure of the impact & we all are safe.

Am alive today and writting this by the grace of GOD & Nano also i guess :)

Thanks Mr. TATA for giving such a small wonder to us.



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