My Own Story

  • May 2nd 2012

It was a big day when my dad gifted me a Nano car. I was a bit annoyed, because owning a Nano was a sign of being poor. I did not feel like taking it out and often showed weird expressions to my dad. I rather preferred to go by my old Scooty Pep to office. But then things changed! It was Dec 25th last year, When my Dad went to Chandigarh due to some work, mom and me were alone in the house. We got done with our dinner when mom complained about light heart pain. I asked her to sleep for a while till things settle. At about 2 in the night her pain was worse and she couldn't even walk. I somehow managed to get her to my car and we then went to the nearby hospital. Within a few hours, She was ok but the damage would have been more if we had not reached the hospital on time. That was the time I realised the value of my Nano car and since then I have name it "MY ANGEL". My yellow coloured angel is now My Hero! Everyday I go to my office in my car and I am proud to be the owner of such a loyal car.

Saddam hossain


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