My Nano… My Personality Symbol

  • May 2nd 2012


Hey! What an awesome experience it was driving back home my own Nano!! I brought home happiness along in terms of my new Nano on 28th February 2012. I chose Nano CX model as this is the one made for me and Neon Rush colour reflecting my personality - Cool, Dashing & Stylish..... The moment i drove my Nano home, all those envious eyes started staring at my Nano and those envious mouths started whispering... What a proud feeling it was!!! In addition to such catchy looks, I was amazed to see the interior and and. When i drove it on the roads, everone used to stop for a moment to have one glimpse of my NANO. Performance of my Nano is also mind-blowing... Great pick up, wonderful fuel efficiency, less sound, chilling AC, a good height to drive with and above all spreading burning jealousy to all the viewers.... I am proud to have my Nano... I am in true sense a "NANOian"


Dr. Sonu Nigam

Nadiad/ Gujarat

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