My Nano is a work of art.

  • Apr 3rd 2012


It’s exactly one year since I bought my Nano. The recommendations for the car when I sought opinions of my colleagues ranged from ‘an excellent proposition’ to ‘so much more value for every rupee spent’ ….. these from those who had bought and were already using the Nano long before I had made my purchase. The naysayers too were equally numerous and their range of comments too was none the less impressive. Having tried and traveled in the car for one year now, I felt doubly sure of myself and confident enough about the car and my own driving to take the opponents on their first test drive in a Nano; in fact all four of the most vociferous together at one go. The heaviest one, Rupesh weighed 102 kgs. and sat on the front passenger seat. We rode out to visit an injured officer admitted in the Fortis hospital at Kota. ‘Can you park the car in the only available place, in that motorcycle stand?’ smirked Anuj from the rear seat. The car was parked right at the end of the stand for Anuj to estimate the width the car needed. ‘Hey! It takes 40% more space to park three of our motorcycles comfortably’, gasped Sarwar. Anuj was silent, unable to believe his eyes. When we came back, a few bikes had been carelessly parked in the rear. Even with all four of us, it was an impossible task to remove all of them to take out the car without getting scratched. So I suggested that we remove the front barrier of the stand and the car might just make it out. I could see that they wouldn’t believe, but agreed to try. We made it out with such a fine edge close to the concrete parapet; the fantastic radius of turn of the car brought the first gleam of appreciation in the passengers’ eyes. ‘It’s hot! But I suppose by the time your ac does some cooling, we’ll have reached home.’ It took Sunil just a minute or so to eat his words. It was just a passing hot spell in March and the AC took it on full blast…so much so that Sarwar had to eventually plead that I

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