My Nano 2012

  • May 2nd 2012


One month of ownership and here I go. - It was difficult to give up the Maruti 800. So much nostalgia, so much freedom, absolute essential for a city rat but sometimes one has to learn to 'let-go'. So the search began for a suitable replacement and my wife said the last words on this - Should it be the Chevy Spark (Oh god, I loved the Matiz), the Santro (outdated now), Estillo, Wagon R; the list went on!!!! Till we decided to drop in by the Tata dealer for a look at the Nano. I was in love with it at the first site, Believe me, That was in Dec 11. Paid upfront for the 2012 model, insisted on the pearl white color, and a music system and life took on a new meaning - The booking & delivery experience from the dealer was a breeze, no issues there at all - VST motors on Mount Road. Chennai - courteous, prompt and professional - all my experience. - On-road price, discounts - I was a bit taken aback on the price of the fully loaded version - LXI, INR 2.3 on the road was not exactly my expectation but then I had to give up my M800, so what the heck. And how could I dare argue with the lady. - 600 cc of combustion space seems less compared to some of the bikes on the road today and definitely not in league with any mobile comfort on 4 wheels, but again, We're talking city needs here folks. - Have only done 300 odd kms so far, so some may say its too early to comment, but then I had to write about it. - A daily commute to the office about 14 kms up-down in nightmare traffic, sub-standard roads, in-operational & non-existant traffic controls, pedestrians with zero civic sense, and a major desire to be the next Schumacher - these are the driving conditions. - Hats off to the design team at TATA MOTORS to have come up with such a car - needless to say the compactness is the biggest USP and the overall looks are quite good and refined. - Overall build quality and fit & finish - Yeah Yeah, Some will always argue against these but I've got no grudges.


Abid Ansari


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