My Long Drives with Cute Nano!!

  • Jan 15th 2013


I am Sukumar from Bangalore. My dream of having a car became true with Nano. I bought it on 2-Sep-2011. Champagne Gold LX at KHT Motors, Kundalahalli.

Total KM Completed in 1 Year: 13,000

Nos of long drives: 10 (400km - 1100km round trips)

Longest distance covered in 24 hours stretch: 850km

Best average speed: 75kmph

Highest speed clocked: 114kmph (only for 90 seconds because of less coolant)

Longest round trip: 1100km (Weekend trip)

Please visit the following blog of mine for having detailed description of my experiences with my Nano! I will be adding much more to it and planning to release it as a free e-book very soon!

I am sure that all the Tata Nano owners are as proud as me for possessing it.

Mail me at for further details on my reviews.


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