My First Car….Tata Nano

  • Apr 26th 2012

My father purchased Tata Nano on 5th March 2012.. Meteor Silver. It all happened suddenly. Actually I have one sister and we both were in the mood for the i10 top model Asta with sunroof and automatic's price on road was 6.73 lacs which is very huge for us and also we had to take loan for which we had to pay 2.5 lacs interest. Then one day I changed my mind because main purpose of car was to learn to drive..So on 2nd March I and my best friend went to Brijlax motors and enquired about Nano LX. We came to know that due to Holi, an exchange offer was going on (it is still going on). So we had to bring any two wheeler and they were giving flat 20k discount. So my dad had an old Vijay Super which was at that time 10k in 1984. So we planned for it suddenly and without wasting time done the deal and the Nano LX cost us 2.08 lacs only. Now within a week I have learnt driving quite well. And in 20 days I have driven 100+ kms and am enjoying a lot...Proud to be in a Nano family...I will post more comments after some more experiences thank u...




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