My First Car !!!!

  • Apr 26th 2012


I have just started working. I have done engineering in IT and got placed at Atos Pvt Ltd as a software engineer. I really wanted to have a car of my own, which I could call MY CAR !!! Since my paycheck was low to buy cars, my only option was to look at used cars, but they have reliability issues. The other option was buying a motorcycle, but it won't give me the feeling of a car. But Tata Nano saved the day for me :). It is just the best fit for me. For my budget, for my needs. I go on long drives every weekend to Lonavala, Matheran, Mumbai Darshan, Alibag...anywhere I want. I can show off to my friends, and I can see jealousy in their eyes :D. One of my colleagues bought the car, looking at how well it was performing. Overall Nano has supported me in all our journeys together and never failed and let me down. Thank You TATA NANO !!!!


Rajesh S

Navi Mumbai



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