• Feb 21st 2011

Hi. I never had a dream of buying car in my life because its too expensive that too Lakhs togather, but NANO Jadhu by Mr. RATAN TATA have presented the Luxury Car for us. But its a miracle that its worthy to by for just Rs 1,97,000 I took my TATA NANO LX BS4 @ PRERANA MOTORS BANGALORE n drove the car from B'lore to Mysore n then came to HASSAN its of around 350Kms.

Its like a Chota Ferari I dream as its too good n i got 21kms/1liter of Fuel n with Air condition i got 18/ltr but yet service has to done its just the beginning of my Yummy Ride of TATA NANO.


So dont go for any other guidence just go n try to ask your KUSHIYON KA CHABI @ any TATA MOTORS Authorised Show Room, I want for a ride too my pilgrimage with my one more uncle car Volkswagen no was seeing Volkswagen every one was looking to my car n try to ask me about its performance.




Comparison : Much Leg space nice interior compare to its worthy plenty n awesome No more words to say about It Good too Good n much better than ALTO,OMNI n MARUTI 800.


Heads off to RATAN TATA for his presentation to apana people of INDIA.


No need to call any TATA MOTOR people ask me :-) HAPPY to SAY NANO is my Best Friend n tooo.....................Always.


- N.Chiranth Jian (KARNATAKA) HASSAN.

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