My cute nano Car

  • May 1st 2012


My cute little Nano car! One day, while I was riding the motorbike with my two kids, I was feeling so uncomfortable on my bike and thatvery moment I thought I need to buy a car but my financial position was not strong enough to support my idea of buying a new car, It was around that time that TATA motors announced the booking of Tata Nano at cost of 1lac for a basic model, 1,40,000 for a Delux model and 1,80,000 for a Luxury model. I decided to buy the LX model and booked the LX model as it suited my pocket. I was eagerly waiting for the delivery of my new car. On the day of the delivery of my new car, my wife and me went to get the car home. It was an unforgettable day as I was driving the my new car on the mount road, all the eyes of the people who were driving different vehicles turned on my car, some people even enquired about my car while I was waiting for the signal at the junctions. My kids who were waiting at home to see the new car, jumped in joy, when they saw the new Tata Nano LX. It definetly did not feel like its a small car when all of us, i.e. my mom, wife and my two children hopped into the car and sat comfortably. We all went to the temple to offer our prayer to God whose blessings got us this lovely new car. After performing the rituals for the car puja, the priest drove my car, without even informing us where he was going. We were all waiting for the priest to come back and hand over our new car, but he did not turn up for a quiet a long time. During that time we were all wondering where the priest would have gone and when he is going to come back, our anxiety grew more and I was worried. At that moment I saw the beaming light of a car approaching towards us, no doubt it was our car. The temple priest got down from my car and said this a wonderful car and he gave me a big smile. We were all happy.

Kumaravel , S


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