My Bright As Hope Yellow Nano by Rajagopal Geethnath

  • Apr 13th 2011

The Tata built Nano is a magic on wheels. A first time car owner, I am bowled stock and barrel by the 635 kg wonder amongst the traffic of Hyderabad. Driving on these roads is a certain hell but not for the Nano driver. Reason why? Because the 3099 cms long Nano with 135 cm radial wheels can turn even in the smallest area of just 8.2 m.

Hyderabad’s streets are not yet Nano – friendly. So, wherever I go in MYN (My Yellow Nano), glances and appreciative onlookers are sure. In a way Nano is some kind of local celebrity in our locality. Mischievous kids shout with glee “One lakh car – Nano.” I plan to told them some of these days I paid more than double the amount they are thinking.

Total strangers walk upto My Yellow Nano (MYN) and see the marvel at close quarters. They applaud the rich interiors, the finish, and the spacious inside and go away with a smile that translates into “For a lakh, you get good quality, not tin and plastic.” I pat myself on the back on my good auto decision.

From the moment the MYN entered my life, it has been to a many round trips. By the way, it was delivered by Malik Cars. In just 10 minutes I convinced myself that MYN is destined for a life of fame. Just on the 7th minute of taking delivery and driving with great abandon we are stopped by an enthusiastic Junior cop in uniform. I discovered soon enough he just wanted to have a good view at the Yellow Beauty. He toured himself round the Nano and in glee asked us the cost at the showroom. He concludes the transaction with a dry grin brighten his dark visage with a need for sweet for the new Nano. We smiled and drove away. Nano has given us many such pleasant experiences.

From that first brush with fame MYN continues its pretty presence in the street. Heads turn, speed falls and in other instances even the right of way is accorded to the new sensation of Hyderabad’s roads.
On Holi day, a group of colored urchins trooped besides the MYN shouting Hai Nano! Hai Holi! And disappeared into the traffic!

I have often seen middle class families on an overburdened scooter. Whenever they see the MYN, they seem to be saying Nano is our Tata sent blessing – in – waiting! Passers ask about its mileage - boys have questioned me about the Nano’s seating capacity, if it has power steering, and more.

In the 3 months I have been the first owner of MYN, I have been completely satisfied. I have not maintained trip logs. Just fill up and go round. I am very glad my Nano never says ‘no’.

This blog is my humble offering to the biggest revolution on wheels sweeping India called Nano (624 cc). Thanks Tata.

Get noticed with Nano. Never nag Nano.

MYN to the other vehicles is like red cloth for a bull. They get agitated, stirred into action go some antics, as if to attract the attraction of the MYN. A modern type of counting for the wheeled kind. Others think the MYN is an alien and race ahead of it heroically. That courage I tell myself. As the first Nano in Skandagiri area of Padmaraonagar, neighbours have turned friends.

Thanks MYN. It has given me a more active identity. It has added to my name itself. I am Nano Geethanath. Still with the ‘L’ board. Still slow and hesitant in moving. But yes, I can reverse the MYN even in the smallest areas. That’s a open challenge. Take it.

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