My 200 km experience with Tata Nano LX

  • Feb 28th 2012


Hi , I am writing a short review on Tata Nano

I got my Nano LX delivered from Delhi, 24th May2010. The car was delivered on time and I opted for mud-flap, floor mats, car cover and seat cover as accessories which came up to Rs.4012.

I drove my Nano for the first time as my whole family was surprised and excited by the large interior space inside the cabin. But my people could not resist commenting on the pud pud sound of the engine which was little more for a car engine.

The first gear gave great pull and so did the second gear. Since I was driving Nano for the first time I took time to analyze how the car behaved on bad roads, turnings and all. The steering felt heavy in parking and low speed turning. I am also using Tata indigo CS steering feels lighter. But considering the cost of the car i ignored this.

I enjoyed the spacious cabin and toy like instruments at the centre. There is not much problem with maneuverability. The back seat people did not complain on any heat coming from engine as we put AC and it chilled all of us very quickly than we expected. If we closed all the windows, the engine noise is not heard.

Suspension is average and I must be careful in crossing road patches and speed breakers. My brother took the car for Pondichery and he went up to 70 kmph speed. So far with 230 kms covered in Nano in a week's time, there is no problem with the car.

In the back seat, 2 bulky adults and one average adult can sit. but luggage has to be kept on lap, the boot can be accessed with some difficulty, so we prefer to keep the bags on our lap.
Many people saw us when we drove the Nano and I felt people are still crazy about the small car. a few of them asked about the mileage. Although I did not calculate, my brother told 2 bars in the digital fuel gauge were gone when coming from pondichery to chennai, may be some 20 kmpl will be the average.
At night the highbeam and fog lamps provide brighter light for a small car and we were delighted. Tata has not compromised in lights and electronics. Useful document reader lamp is found above the front seats in the middle.
Overall , my family loves Nano!!!

Vishal Jaiswal

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