MRF Chairman and Managing Director talks about his Nano experience

  • Nov 12th 2009

We are glad to learn that, MRF Chairman and Managing Director Vinoo Mammen is the proud owner of a Tata Nano. His company is the OE tyre supplier for Tata Nano, and he like thousand others can vouch for Nano’s safety, convenience & dependability.






Recently, he spoke to the online edition of the Hindu, where he said that he uses the Nano for commuting on a daily basis, as it helps him navigate through any choked city road. He says. “When you are in the Nano, you have a sense of being on the move. While the big cars are stuck, Nano always manages to find a way out”.






He chooses to drive the Nano over the fleet of other luxury cars he owns because it beats the worst traffic and he can make it to office on time.





He compliments the Nano not only because of its compactness; he adds “Its roof is high enough for you to slide in without having to bend too much. This feature will benefit older passengers.” He also said that the car was stable when they got it on the testing track, and pushed it to scale speeds higher than what was allowed for city travel.





On a lighter note he adds“I primarily got this Nano for my technical staff, hoping they will add to their knowledge bank. As you can see, it has served more than its intended purpose,”





We wish Mr Vinoo many miles of happy motoring in the Nano.




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