More Than Expectation

  • Apr 26th 2012


More than expectation!!!!!!!!! I have the passion to drive cars since last 11 years. I purchased Premier 118 as my first car in the year 1999. At that time I only knew to drive and was not very much aware about regular servicing. Since 1999, I have used (owned) 5 cars Maruti 800, Diesel Maruti ZEN, Diesel Esteem, Indica..and my first Premier 118. While using these type of cars I always used to see Tata Nano as a poor car. All image of car in my mind was because of hearing comments from people. But this January, I saw the ad of NANO 2012 on TV and decided to take chance for it. Firstly all my friends and relatives tried to stop me from purchasing this car. But I was confident. Lastly they began to say that,”he has used many cars.He know very well about every car, may be Nano is good car!” On 28 Jan.Velocity Motor from Sangola town gave me delivery of my Nano 2012 LX Pearl White. Up to delivery day I didn’t see the actual Pearl White Model but that day when I first saw the car I was shocked, seeing such a beautiful look of my car. All my friends came for delivery.

First time in my life, my new car had a 4 time Poojan on the day of purchase. After purchasing the car all people now say the car is Good Looking. When any one sits inside the non-moving car, they are amazed with the care having a lot of space. When any one travels in my Nano they say …”Ye To Badhiya Car hai yar!!!” I have driven this Little Wonder 3000+km from 28 Jan 2012. No problems till now. Also stretched 300 km one start with the max speed 100km/h. The stability at this speed is amazing for such a small weight. Another thing.. seating position is better than any other cars in this class. No other car in sedan or hatchback has such a nice sitting position. Because of SUV like seats, the height of road view is best and improves our confidence of driving. Because of high ground clearance one can use it in rural areas also (Little Master.) Performance of AC is also the best.


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